21 08, 2017

Different Types of Tree Surgery

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Here at Ashley Tree Services, we are the experts when it comes to all things tree related. From stump removal to tree surgery, if you’ve got a problematic tree to deal with we are the experts you’ve been looking for. In this blog, we’re going to educate our readers on a certain aspect of the [...]

14 08, 2017

Signs That A Tree is Dying

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Having trees on your property is often viewed as a nuisance however they actually hold a range of different benefits. From helping you keep your privacy to providing some much needed shade during our one week heatwave in the UK, there are many advantages to having trees and we should learn to respect trees more [...]

8 08, 2017

Different Types of Trees

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Let’s face it, without trees, the human race would suffer deeply. They provide us with oxygen through a process known as photosynthesis and remove toxic components from our air. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop us cutting them down by the millions, with around 15 billion being turning into other resources every single year. Here at Ashley [...]

24 07, 2017

The Importance of Photosynthesis

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Here at Ashley Tree Services, our business relies upon trees. Whether we are cutting them down or tidying them up, it’s safe to say that without these organisms we wouldn’t exist. One of the processes that is vital to trees and plants is photosynthesis and in this blog, we’re going to take the educational approach [...]

13 07, 2017

Different Tree Shapes

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Trees are a type of organism that we are able to view in abundance. From forests to parks, it is not uncommon for people to even have trees in their backyards. What many people don’t know however is the range of different shapes of trees that can be found. Luckily, the team here at Ashley [...]

7 07, 2017

How Trees Have Changed the World- Part 5

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We’ve reached the penultimate blog in this blog series and it’s been a whirlwind of an educational ride. From learning about the different time periods of tree growth and introducing forests that once lived thousands of years ago, the team here at Ashley Tree Services have loved educating our readers. In part 5, we’re going [...]

29 06, 2017

Some Trees and Their Uses

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The tree is by far the most essential and vital living component that we require which resides within nature. After all, they help us maintain a balanced ecosystem and they help to filter our air of unnecessary carbon dioxide. In this blog, we’re going to look into some different types of trees and their uses… [...]

21 06, 2017

Community Benefits of Trees

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Let’s face it, our whole existence relies on the existence of trees and other plant organisms being able to complete the process known as photosynthesis. Without this process converting the carbon dioxide we breath out into oxygen, it is very likely that our atmosphere would be too toxic for us to breathe. After all, trees [...]

15 06, 2017

How Do Leaves Work?

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It has taken millions of years for trees to evolve into the organism they are today so it’s no surprise that many of us have no idea how exactly each particular piece works. In fact, trees were around long before the dinosaurs and have outlived them after their extinction 65 million years ago. In this [...]

8 06, 2017

How Trees Have Changed the World- Part 4

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It’s very strange to know how long trees have actually been on the earth for. In fact, the team here at Ashley Tree Services think that many people would be shocked to discover how much developing the trees we know today had to go through in order to become to large organisms we know today. [...]