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For all and any tree surgery requirements in Altrincham, get a free quote from the Ashley Tree Services today.

Our services include:

Here at Ashley Tree Services, we are highly skilled arborists with over 10 years of experience in managing troublesome and dangerous trees. All of our services operate in accordance with the British Standards BS 3998 (1989), giving you peace of mind.

Tree Felling

In need of clear space or removal of a dangerously unstable tree? Ashley Tree Services are highly skilled Arborists with unrivalled tree felling experience. Our friendly and approachable Tree Surgeons perform all operation to the BS 3998 (1989) ensuring your 100% satisfied with our service.

Tree Pruning

Pre-to carrying out any Tree Pruning, we take into account; the shape, size, character, current condition, site and species of your tree(s). All guidelines are followed exactly by Ashley Tree Services according to the BS 3998 (1989), Leaving your trees safe for the future to get your free

Tree Stump Removal, Grinding in 

Tired of working around that old tree stump? Not being able to get the aesthetics you wanted? Well, no tree stump is too big or too solid for Ashley Tree Services to remove. And anything not removable by hand tools, we have a very powerful stump grinder, built specifically for this job. And don’t worry about the aftermath. We fill in the cavity with soil or grinding waste, leaving the site both level, clear and clean.

Tree Planting

Our professional and caring Arborists will plant your trees with care, making sure that the tree’s nursery mark remains above the soil line. We use Mulch and add it to the tree pit to improve moisture retention and hinder weed growth.


Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is a highly skilled job that takes years to master. At Ashley Tree Services, we have on hand arborists that have spent years crafting perfect edges from shrubberies, so if you’re in need of perfectly aligned and even hedge rows, get in touch today!


What is Pollarding? Pollarding is pruning but in an extreme format, but one that can be highly essential for some tree species including the highly popular Willow tree. It can sometimes be the only way to keep the trees under control. But with Pollarding comes a very hard task of ensuring nothing goes wrong as it can so can. Luckily, we have experts on hand that can do the job right.

Tree surgeons in Altrincham?

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