As a race, we tend to overlook the importance of trees and how much we rely on them. Sometimes they help us biologically by helping rectify the gas percentages in the air we breathe or mentally by subconsciously promoting a positive outlook on life. Here are the personal and social benefits that can be gained from trees…

  • The presence of trees in a landscape is viewed by humans beyond their beauty. In fact, people are said to feel tranquil, peaceful and serene in their presence which means that they not only help to regulate our mood but also aid our health by subconsciously lowering our stress levels.


  • Trees have the ability to form a sense of privacy and solitude in an environment. Although they aren’t technically a barrier to the outdoors, their capability to separate areas of land means that we are able to feel secure when surrounded by them.


  • Sound waves are generally absorbed by trees and their branches. For example, a tree belt that is 100 feet wide and 45 feet high is able to reduce noise pollution by around 50%. This is beneficial to the health of humans as too much exposure to noise can cause an increase in cholesterol, irritability and even aggressive responses in behaviour.

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