Tip: make sure your tree surgery quote includes stump removal as part of the agreed works because dead tree stumps can bring problems into your garden.

Do you think that a dead tree stump left in the ground after arboriculture work is a reminder of a garden clearance job well done? It’s not.

Trouble is, a rotting tree stump left in the ground soon takes on a life of its own and can create a list of serious problems at ground level you didn’t bargain for.

In this Ashley Blog article we explain some of the dangers of leaving tree stumps in the ground after tree surgery.

1. Tree stumps are a hazardous physical obstacle to people and an insurance risk

With a little grass for camouflage it doesn’t take long for a tree stump to become a dangerous trip hazard. From grazed knees to serious falls injuries and public liability (duty of care) insurance claims there are few benefits to leaving a stump in the ground.

2. Tree stumps can damage garden machinery

Every year thousands of lawnmowers are scrapped because of bent crankshafts – when a lawnmower blade hits a tree stump there’s usually only one winner.

3. Tree stumps make garden maintenance hard work

Weeding or mowing your garden always takes longer when you have to manoeuvre around stumps left in the ground – that’s time and money.

For gardeners:

  • with a disability
  • older in age
  • new to gardening
  • when raising a family
  • when renting out property with a garden

the Royal Horticultural Society advise to remove fiddly areas, to reduce time and effort spent (https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=833).

4. Tree stumps can shoot new growth & rob soil nutrients

New shoots don’t just appear once – they keep coming back and this can impact garden aesthetics and soil health.

Leeching of nutrients from your soil can be robbing your newly planted roses without you even knowing about it and unplanned growth can just spoil the view.

5. Property Values & Damage from tree stumps

Garden surveys are a standard part of most house buying and selling today. A surveyor will look for signs of environmental damage to pipework, walls and foundations caused by root systems.

It’s because a lot of damage can be done before tree stumps finally run out of nutrients that stump removal is often the best option. If property value is a consideration then think carefully.

6. Space – landscape gardening and tree stumps

Tree stumps take valuable garden space that could be used for something new like:

  • a picnic table
  • a new flower bed
  • an extended lawn

Very few people have too much garden space so think carefully about making the most of those precious square feet.

7. Tree stumps can become a home to unwanted fungi & Insects

The decaying dead wood of tree stumps is the perfect breeding ground for a number of toxic fungi and unhelpful insects and pests. When Honey Fungus (Armillaria) gets a hold it can spread its threads (rhizomorphs) and attack and kill the roots of perennial and woody plants nearby.

Look inside a rotting tree stump left in the ground after tree surgery.

Our colleagues at Graftin Gardeners Tree Removal in London recently shared this picture of a decaying tree stump with us.

GraftinGardeners rotten and hollow tree stump

photo by Graftin Gardeners tree removal in London © https://www.graftingardeners.co.uk

This stump had been left in the ground after tree surgery 2 years ago.

In that time:

  • Suckering had time to spread
  • Fungal root infection was spreading
  • Garden landscaping plans had been compromised – the stump became an obstacle to the house owner plans for laying new turf

Garden planning for the future

There’s an old Greek proverb loved by gardeners:

‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.’

At Ashley Tree Services we’d like to add that:

‘A garden grows great when as stewards we leave the cleanest & healthiest blank canvas of a garden for our children….. ‘

You can contact us at 0777 969 5777 to get a quote for a tree stump removal or if you’re really forward thinking make sure you get it in the quote for all your tree work.