Locally Sourced & Seasoned Firewood in Manchester & Cheshire

Here at Ashley Tree Services we also offer locally sourced, environmentally friendly and seasoned firewood for sale in Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas. We use only clean and quality wood, selected from our tree surgery jobs and turn them into firewood at our wood processing yard soon afterwards.

As you can see in pictures and can also make sure in person if necessary, all our firewood is sourced by our arboricultural contractors and tree surgeons from our tree jobs. We make sure only quality wood is used and make sure no good wood goes to waste. After splitting logs and turning them into firewood, all firewood is then moved into IBC crates for seasoning. All firewood can be purchased both in pallet mounted IBC crates and in bags.

Our firewood can be bought at our yard or we can locally deliver your order to the address of your choosing for a small fee to cover our fuel costs.

Find out more about our firewood by calling 0777 969 5777 or leave us your details by filling in contact form!