STUMP grinding & STUMP removal

Not putting a plaster on a cut leaves you open to infection. Refreshing or tidying a garden and leaving a tree stump in the ground can cause problems too.

We can remove tree stumps

  • Any time and from any previous work
  • Whilst we’re on site already working on your trees
  • We would not recommend burning down stumps where they sit, they are generally too wet for this and it can be a smoky business.

Because we operate a specialist stump grinding and stump removal service we can remove tree stumps of any size and any quantity. Whether it’s your front garden or you’re a developer needing a site cleared we have the right scale of equipment for the job.

Tree stumps left in the ground to rot can

  • Physically get in the way, be obtrusive
  • Make replanting the area difficult
  • Send up suckers & shoots appearing through your lawn
  • Host root diseases like the dreaded honey fungus

Honey Fungus is the common name given to several species of fungi which attack and kill the roots of many plants. The damage happens slowly and surely underground and can infect your garden without you being aware of it.