TREE Surgery

Our tree services include:

  • Tree Surgery: Trimming, Pruning, Pollarding, Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning, Dead Wooding
  • Dangerous and awkward tree removal
  • Tree Felling (Directional and Sectional)
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Hedge Cutting and Maintenance
  • Chipping
  • Tree planting
  • Site Clearance

We work with and around Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). If you’d like us to meet with the local Tree Officer we can do that. If you want us to act on recommendations in a tree report or survey let us know.

Trees add value to property and are things of beauty. They can also be a liability if they become dangerous, damaged or unstable and can cause problems if, for instance, they block out the light or undermine nearby buildings. If you’re worried about something tree related, you’re not sure what to cut or not to cut or you want to make the best of your assets speak to us.

All land owners have a ‘Duty of Care’ to maintain trees. Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the managers and owners of land. Keeping within the law and making the best of these gifts from nature is our job at Ashley tree Services. It will always be better to keep tree growth under regular control but if you’ve been busy with other things or you’ve just moved in or inherited some wild growth give us a call.

The Royal Horticultural Society advise that if branches larger than the diameter of your wrist need to be removed OR if there’s likely to be a lot of work up ladders then the sensible course of action is to call in a professional arborist to get the job done. They also encourage the public to use a professional if the work includes pollarding, crown lifting and crown thinning.

If you’re not sure about whether it’s the right time or the best way to deal with your trees our FAQs look at the options. As the leading team of arborists and tree surgeons in the Manchester and Cheshire areas we have the technical skill, the right equipment and the underpinning knowledge to get the job done safely and aesthetically.