tree surgeon accidents

Tree Surgeon Accidents: A warning to homeowners

‘Tree work has a major injury incidence rate higher than that of the construction industry’ Health and Safety Executive (HSE.Gov.UK) ‘56 year old died when he fell from a ladder’ ‘44 year old died when he fell from a tree’ …
tree surgeons vs arborists difference

Tree surgeons vs Arborists: Is there a difference?

What is the difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist? When you want to find a local tree surgeon online, or in the yellow pages, one of the first things you notice is that 2 names seem to pop up – tree surgeon and arborist. That’s…
What is a Tree Preservation Order TPO

What is a Tree preservation order (TPO) and how do I make sure I stay on the right side of the law if I want to carry out tree work?

Understanding Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) consent If you are a tree owner, a keen gardener or landowner then chances are you already know the term tree preservation order. This article will help you understand what a tree preservation…