It is in our nature to try and save money, especially since the economy is still uncertain since Brexit two months ago. Despite this, Ashley Tree Services are here to tell you the dangers of tree removal and why you should never attempt to DIY the situation. No matter how much money it may save you, it isn’t worth risking injuries, property damage or even lives.

Power Lines

No matter what the profession, working and operating near powerlines is risky business and it should always be assumed that they are live. If you, tools or a tree hits a powerline, you will knock out the entire power in the neighbourhood, if you are lucky. Most likely, you would be electrocuted. It is a myth that many people presume true that the black coating around the wire is a form of insolation- however this is certainly not the case. It is, in fact, weatherproofing for the metal cable and you can still suffer an electrocution from this coating material.


OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires professionals to wear head to toe protective gear. They are also trained in using dangerous equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, cranes and wood chippers. Professionals who know how to correctly utilise these tools should always be consulted for removing trees.


Once a tree starts to fall, the only thing that controls it is gravity. No human force can stop it from landing where it wants to land. The tree may not fall where you want it to or the way you expected it to- even if it was influenced with careful indentations and ropes. Poor judgement or lack of experience could result in trees falling on homes, powerlines (see above) or even people. This can cause grave injuries which isn’t worth the risk in order to pocket some spare money.

Homeowners should never attempt to remove their own trees as it proposes too much danger. For the top professional Tree Surgeon Manchester has to offer, get in contact with Ashley Tree Services and save yourself the stress and time of getting rid of that pesky tree!