Before you ring around and give the professionals a call to cut down a tree in your back garden, you have to decide whether or not the stump should stay behind. This decision is entirely up to you, however if you are having a difficult time making a judgement call, here are 3 out of 6 reasons why we, here at Ashley Tree Services, think it’s time to rid yourself of that stump…

  1. Speaking from an aesthetic point of view, tree stumps are not pretty to look at. If you are thinking about landscaping your yard, it is advised to remove the stump so that is does not cause unwanted issues during the design process.


  1. If you have children, especially those which are young, stumps which are left lying in the ground can propose a potential hazard. This is because children run around blind to the dangers in a yard when they are engrossed in a game. If they are not looking where they are going, they are likely to have a nasty fall.


  1. Did you know that stumps can cause new tree growth!? It is known that leaving the stump behind after cutting down a tree sometimes contributes to new sprouts and can result in the growth of small trees around the perimeter of the stump. This is unsightly to landscapers and can be very costly to completely remove as they continue to grow back after removal.

Here at Ashley Tree Services, we specialise in all your tree related needs, including stump removal. That’s why we are the leading tree surgeon Cheshire has to offer! Get in contact today to find out more and remember to keep an eye out for part two of this special two part blog series!