Tree stumps can be a nuisance which is why many people decide to have them removed along with their trees. On the other hand, some people tend to be unsure about whether removing the stump is the right choice. Fret not; here is part two of our two part blog series on why you should have that stump removed…

  1. Having a stump left in your garden can be very difficult to manoeuvre around when you are attempting to complete garden maintenance. For example, mowing the lawn can be a hard task as it is- however, with a stump to manoeuvre around, you have to be careful that you do not damage the blades.
  1. Aren’t insects wonderful? We don’t think so either. Sure, some people are fascinated by bugs, however the majority find them a pest. Leaving a stump behind can attract insects as the decaying tree takes a significant amount of time to rot away. During this period, beetles, ants and other bugs are attracted to the garden and any surrounding areas, such as your home!
  1. If you have a large garden, this may not be much of an issue- however for those with smaller spaces, a stump can take up precious yard space which could be used for something more aesthetically pleasing such as a flower bed or a water feature.

Did you learn anything new during this two part blog series? Here at Ashley Tree Services, we’re mad about trees and that’s why we’re the best tree surgeon Manchester has to offer! Get in contact today for all your stump removal needs!