Whilst we often deal with trees here at Ashley Tree Services, the team are also called out to deal with hedge maintenance too! In fact, there are a range of different benefits that can be gained from high quality hedge trimming and we want to go over the details. Read on…

4 benefits of hedge triming

Deals with Overgrowth

When a hedge is not afforded regular maintenance it gives it the chance to over grow and this can quite quickly take over your entire garden. Not only does this look rather messy, it can ruin the aesthetic value of a home which can be hard to fix the more than the hedge grows.

Promotes Health

In order to keep a hedge healthy it is important to provide regular trimming. Of course, this may sound counter productive however it is actually the same advice that hairdressers tell their clients! By providing regular trimming, it encourages the hedge to stimulate new growth and keeps the tree healthy and strong.

Increases Home Value

When a hedge looks neat it makes the exterior of your home look neat too and this is especially important if you are looking to sell up. After all, many people are attracted to what they first see and a badly maintained hedge can be put off potential buyers immediately. Nothing has to look perfect however it is important to keep on top of your garden as new buyers don’t want to have to deal with a damaged hedge.

Improves Privacy

Regular trimming helps keep the hedge dense which means that the nosy neighbours can no longer look through the gaps in order to see what you are up to. This is because preventing the foliage from growing past a certain length makes the body of the hedge look much thicker.

Our range of services here at Ashley Tree Services are incredibly varied as we want our clients to be able to come to us for assistance on a whole range of different issues. From hedge maintenance to stump removal, there are very few tasks that the team cannot tackle! To find out more information, get in contact with the best tree surgeon in Manchester today!