Trees are a type of organism that we are able to view in abundance. From forests to parks, it is not uncommon for people to even have trees in their backyards. What many people don’t know however is the range of different shapes of trees that can be found. Luckily, the team here at Ashley Tree Services are here to tell you everything there is to know about the shapes of trees…

Columnar Shaped: Distinct characteristics of these trees include their tall, thin and upwards facing branches. This vertical shape also makes them appear tall and doesn’t take up much room in a landscape. Examples of this type of tree include the pyramid oak and the Italian cypress.

Pyramid Shaped: Often known as the shape of a Christmas tree, these types of trees are wider at the very bottom and their branches get smaller as it reaches the very top. Examples of this type of tree include the pin oak and the blue spruce.

Vase Shaped: These type of trees are exactly what they sound like on paper and they are distinctly known by the central trunk which branches outwards and up into an arching shapes that is wider at the top. Known for being graceful, they are used to line walking areas. Examples of this type of tree include the American elm and the crape myrtle.

Here at Ashley Tree Services, we like to think that we are the experts when it comes to all things tree related. From the different types of trees to the range of shapes that can be found; there’s nothing we don’t know! For more information, get in contact with the best tree surgeon Cheshire has to offer today!