Although we remove them for a living, here at Ashley Tree Services, we love our trees, especially the famous ones. For a relaxed topic, we’re going to take you on an educational journey of the top five famous trees situated around the world!

The General Sherman Tree

Situated in California’s Sequoia Park, this tree is the largest tree by volume in the world. From data taken in 1975, its volume was marked at over 52,500 cubic feet! This is over half the volume of an Olympic sized swimming pool. It is 275 feet high, 100 feet wide and approximately 2000 years old.

Anne Frank’s Tree

Everyone who has taken a history lesson has heard of Anne Frank’s Diary which tells the story of a young Jewish girl hiding in a hidden room for two years during World War Two. The White Horse Chestnut, one of the oldest trees in Amsterdam, became a focus of her longing for freedom during this time.

The Sunland Boabab

Situated in South Africa, this tree is estimated to be 6000 years old. It is 72 feet high and a staggering 155 feet wide, plus, the species naturally hollows out over a period of years. Its current owners have placed a small bar inside.

9/11 Survivor Tree

When this Callery Pear Tree was pulled from the rubble after the famous attack, it looked dead- however after care in the Bronx ‘nursery’, it survived. In 2010, the tree was planted in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

Tree of Ténéré

This tree is located 250 miles away from any other tree and was thought to be the most isolated tree throughout the 20th Century- until a drunk Libyan driver slammed into it in 1973, it was admired by locals due to its ability to survive in such harsh desert environments. A metal sculpture stands in its place and the original has been placed in a museum.

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