Been reading up on tree surgery, but have been left stumped by some of the terms used? Well, fear not because we’re here to give you a helpful guide of some of the relevant buzz words that you’ll find in the industry. This is my no means a definitive list but includes some of the most popular terms you’ll see or hear.

Arboriculture: cultivation of trees and shrubs

Cable bracing: this is done where removal of a branch would not be suitable, prevents branch failure and equalizes the branches to ensure the safety of the tree crown. The cable bracing holds the branch in place, makes it look and feel sturdier and assists with any internal weakness.

Crown lifting: trimming back lower branches, allows the top branches to rise due to weight loss.

Crown reduction/reshaping: cutting the tree to trim and neaten it up.

Crown thinning: removal of congested roots, allows light and wind to pass through which helps to reduce battering in a storm.

Dead wooding: when branches or part of the tree die, they can either break off or become vulnerable which can cause falling hazards, as well as affecting the health of the tree. Rot can also set in which can spread to nearby trees.

LOLER: Lifting ops and lifting equipment.

PUWER: Provision and use of work equipment regulations.

Pollarding: maintaining the health of a tree. Sometimes smaller branches are removed which can bring the tree back to health.

Remedial surgery: treating or curing a tree.

Stump grinding: the very last stage of permanent stump removal.

Does that clear some things up for you? Next time you’re in need of a tree surgeon in Manchester, you’ll be sure that you are in more of a control, because you now know the correct terminology.