Our day to day working lives here at Ashley Tree Services is based upon everything and anything to do with trees. From surgery to drone rescues; the team can do it all! In the spirit of Christmas however we want to look into the tree we decorate every year and understand the traditions and history behind it all…

For thousands of years, the evergreen fir tree has been used in order to celebrate the Pagan and Christian winter festival. In fact, the Pagans would decorate their homes with the branches during the winter solstice in order to remind themselves of the spring that was soon arriving, the Romans would decorate their temples with Fir trees during the festival of Saturnalia and Christians recognised the trees as an everlasting life in harmony with the Lord.

With this said, it has not been documented when fir trees were first used as a Christmas tree however experts suggest it was around 1000 years ago. In fact, the early versions were hung upside down from the ceiling!

The very first instance of a Christmas tree being brought into the home as we do today is thought to be the work of a 16th century German preacher called Martin Luther. The story goes that he saw stars shining through the branches of a tree one night and told his children that it reminded him of Jesus who left the heaven stars to come to earth on Christmas Day. It is important however to recognise that there are a range of different stories and that nobody knows what the truth actually is!

With Christmas just around the corner is it time to get planning for the winter season, especially where trees are concerned. Whilst most older trees can survive and thrive in the falling temperatures, other trees require constant care and this includes young trees and fruit trees. To find out more information about tree care, get in contact with the best tree surgeon in Manchester today!