The term ‘tree felling’ is a well known forestry phrase which is used within the arborist and tree surgeon industry, and is a reference to the process that is used when cutting down a tree. At first glance, this can seem rather simple and easy. After all, it only requires a chainsaw and some safety gear, right? In fact, tree felling is the complete opposite! Many people do not understand that it can end in serious injury or even death if it is not left to the professionals. What we’re trying to say is that tree felling can be a very dangerous task.

As stated above, the task is usually performed with a chainsaw as the cutting ability is efficient with a rotating chain. This machine alone is one of the reasons why tree felling can be so dangerous as chainsaws are very powerful and take practice to perfect the use of.

Cutting down a tree takes a lot of planning in order to be carried out successfully. To begin, the person carrying out the task has to be prepared. This includes planning how they expect the tree to fall as trees should be cut in a way which forces them to fall in a direction that doesn’t come in contact with anything else. These people must take many factors into consideration- including ground slope, tree lean and tree height.

In addition to this, all trees may not be able to be cut using the same technique and, thus, different cuts may be used. Which one is chosen depends on the experience of a tree feller.

Sometimes, accidents happen and trees can fall onto other trees or buildings and stay lodged there. This creates a hazard which must be addressed immediately. They often fall with a lot of force too, which can move debris such as branches to many dangerous locations.

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