Since the average person doesn’t know a lot about trees you wouldn’t expect to be marvelled by the appearance of one. After all, more often than not a tree in the UK is either overgrown, falling apart or scattering leaves on the floor. Here at Ashley Tree Services, we want to change your perception of these giant organisms which is why we put together this blog on the most magnificent trees that you can find around the world…

Wisteria, Japan, 144 Years Old

Dating back to the 1840’s this impressive tree spans for 1,990 square miles which is the equivalent of half an acre. In fact, they are actually a sneaky organism because they are not trees they are actually from the vine family. The vines of this dazzling growth glow a beautiful shade of pink however they are so heavy that steel support have had to be put in place in order to keep them held up. On the other hand this allows visitors to walk below the canopy.

Blooming Cherry Trees, Germany

If you are lucky enough to visit Bronn, Germany in April then you will get to see the wonder of the cherry blossom tunnel that forms thanks to the trees that are strategically placed on either side of the roads. Forming a beautiful and natural tunnel that is so thick that the canopy covers the sky, walking through it is said to feel magical.

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen

These trees, which are native to Yemen, earned their name from the crimson sap which runs through its structure. In fact, the sap is used as a dye and was once used in order to varnish violins. They are easily recognisable by their flat appearance.

Whilst we may not have these exquisite trees available in the UK we do have our fair share of famous ones. Take the Fortingall Yew for example which has been sitting in a Scottish churchyard for 2000  to 3000 years! If you’ve got a problematic tree on your hands then the team here at Ashley Tree Service could help! As the best tree surgeon in Cheshire we have all the experience necessary to handle any problem you may be facing. For more information, contact a member of the team today!