You might think that the tree stump that is left in your garden is pretty harmless, however leaving it in the ground can cause your garden and its inhabitants some problems.

For starters, tree stumps that are left in the ground to rot can be a physical obstruction in your garden. It can get in the way of your children and animals playing and can sometimes cause accidents or minor injuries. Plus, they look pretty unsightly; you don’t want a rotting stump to ruin an otherwise great BBQ or garden party.

Second of all, if you’re looking to give your garden a makeover, a tree stump can make landscaping and replanting a difficult task. It can upset the whole flow, look and design of your garden; ruining the whole aesthetic.

Third of all, shoots could appear across your lawn as the stump sends suckers up. These can also be unsightly and a nightmare to get rid of.

Lastly, and this is arguably the most serious consequence of having a rotting tree stump in your garden, you can develop host root diseases such as Honey Fungus. Honey Fungus is the general name given to several dreaded species of fungi which attack and kill roots of many woody and perennial plants. The damage spreads slowly underground with little signs so by the time you find out, it can be too late and has infected your whole garden.

Here at Ashley Tree Services, we are a qualified tree surgeon in Manchester who are specialists at stump grinding and stump removal. No matter the size or quantity, or whether it’s for a domestic or commercial project, we can get the job done.