You’ll be pleased to hear that as tree surgeons we cannot just go around chopping trees down willy-nilly. Nope, we can’t just hack, saw or cut down trees whenever and wherever we feel like it. Not that we’d want to anyway!

But no, there are certain rules, regulations and laws that tree surgeons have to adhere to throughout their professional career. This is to ensure that nature stays healthy and continues to be a part of our landscape.

The Arboricultural Association is the largest body in the UK for the amenity tree care professional and oversees the whole industry.

Some trees around the country are protected by specific legislation which makes it a crime to cut them down, trim them or uproot them. Failure to check whether a tree is protected before work is carried out can lead to prosecution. This could be a fine, a criminal record or even a loss of licence.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are one type of legislation that control which trees you can cut down. TPOs specifically protect trees that are deemed to be of benefit to the area in which they reside. They can cover just one single tree or a whole woodland, however, they don’t apply to bushes or hedges.

Specific species of trees that are under threat can be protected by a TPO which can be administered by Local Planning Authorities.

It’s for these reasons that you should never undertake tree surgery work yourself as you could be cutting down a protected tree and therefore, committing a crime. If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Manchester contact us here at Ashley Tree Services.