The tree is by far the most essential and vital living component that we require which resides within nature. After all, they help us maintain a balanced ecosystem and they help to filter our air of unnecessary carbon dioxide. In this blog, we’re going to look into some different types of trees and their uses…

Banyan Tree

Found in certain regions of India, this kind of tree has very long and extensive branches in order to support its impressive height. Standing at more than 21m tall, the Banyan tree tends to have leaves that are 10-20-cm long and its wood is used to make furniture like tables and doors.

Aloe Vera Tree

These are more of a plant than a tree however they still have the characteristics of a tree. With a growing height between 12-16 inches, an aloe vera plant has thick leaves with no stem. Inside, they contain a gel that can be ingested and used to treat a whole range of conditions such as dandruff and irritation on the skin.

As the experts in everything to do with trees, it’s exciting to find out some of the uses that we are able to gain from trees. In fact, there are so many different types of trees that it’s virtually impossible to cover them all within one single blog! For more information on the type of services we offer, get in contact with the best Tree Surgeons in Manchester today and speak to a member of the Ashley Tree Services team! Or if you are still not sure, find out if we fit all of the things you should look for in a tree surgeon, before you book a quote.