If you’ve got a spacious enough yard to have your own tree inside, you should consider yourself relatively lucky. Of course, with such privilege comes a lack of knowledge of your large inherited gift; you can see it is getting rather large, the wood looks worn and the branches are dropping. So how to do you know when it’s time to call a tree feller?

A tree feller is a professional individual who cuts down your trees in a safe and secure way. Felling a tree should never be attempted by anyone other than a professional but before calling in the pros too rashly, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the tree leaning? A leaning tree proposes more of a danger than one which is standing vertical and as a result, a tree which is leaning more than 15% away from vertical has to go. In addition to this, a sudden lean indicates a weakening of the roots and the tree should be removed immediately.


  • Is the tree growing underneath powerlines? Trees growing under power lines should mature at 25 inches tall and one that is growing into power lines should be thinned out as during wet weather, electricity can arc to ten feet of wet tree foliage/ ground and cause power failure and even property damage.


  • Is the trunk of the tree damaged? Cracks, seams and dead branch stubs can suggest internal decay within a tree. Severe damage usually indicates and warrants the necessary removal of a tree.

If any of these resemble your garden tree or perhaps the neighbourhood tree is causing worries, it’s time to give Ashley Tree Services a call – the best Tree Surgeon Manchester can provide to get the job done right!