Just like us, a tree is a living organism which means that we are able to take a look into its anatomy and find out how exactly it survives in its environment. The team here at Ashley Tree Services are experts when it comes to all this tree related and we want our clients to know as much as possible about these giant beauties…

The leaves on a tree are able to survive by carrying out a process known as photosynthesis. As a result of this, a food source is provided for the tree in order for it to live and grow. The chemical equation for photosynthesis is Carbon Dioxide + Water —> Glucose + Oxygen.

The tree will take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out as part of our respiration and water from the ground using their roots and use the light from the sun in order to create the sugar glucose, which is their food source. Oxygen is given off a biproduct and we reuse it to breathe.

The trunk of a tree is formed from five different layers. The outbark is the skin of the tree and its main source of protection. It is renewed from deep within the trees interior and is always working to maintain a perfect moisture balance. The inner bark of a tree is known as the phloem and is a pipe network which passes the food created during photosynthesis around. Deeper below that is the cambium cell layer which is considered the part of the trunk that is growing. It will produce new bark by responding to hormones sent from the phloem as these ‘auxin’ hormones help to stimulate growth. The fourth deepest layer is called sapwood and is the water network of a tree. Finally, the deepest layer is appropriately named as heartwood. Being at the centre of a tree trunk means that is it quite unique and although it is dead, it does not decay. Heartwood is made up of needle-like cellulose fibres and is bound by a biological material known as lignin.

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