Just like people, trees are a living and breathing organisms, which means that they are susceptible to different kinds of harmful diseases, just like we are. Here are the top 3 diseases that your tree could fall victim too and the signs you should look out for…

  1. Anthracnose

Caused by a group of fungi which primarily attacks the leaves, twigs and flowers, this disease occurs in a wide range of trees, primarily sycamore and flowing dogwood. Due to the variation in pathogen and host, the symptoms present can differ from tree to tree however premature leaf defoliation and twig blight is very common. Treat this disease by applying fungicide or injecting the tree with a systemic fungicide.

  1. Apple Scab

Known as an early season disease which affects crab-apples, the disease appears as the name suggests, with scabs forming on the leaves. These scabs can cause the leaves to defoliate prematurely- however the disease can be managed with a fungicide that has fenarimol in it.

  1. Cedar Rusts

This disease is fairly common in rosaceous plants such as crab-apples and hawthorn. Similarly to apple-scab, some trees are more susceptible than others. With this disease, orange lesions develop on the leaf which resemble rust. It can be managed with a fungicide containing an active form of triadimefon.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms, or other symptoms with your tree? Perhaps it’s time to call in the professionals – get in contact with the best tree surgeon Manchester has to offer today and let get down to tree business!