Although our jobs here at Ashley Tree Services partly consist of removing trees from yards and areas of land, we also take care of living trees in order to ensure that they live long happy lives. In fact, the last thing we would want to do is remove loads of trees as they are one of the reasons we are living and breathing on this earth! Thanks to the oxygen that they let off during photosynthesis, we are able to breathe with ease. In order to keep it this way, Ashley Tree Services recommend that we all try to protect the environment and one way we can do this is by planting more trees! Here are our top tips…

  • In order to give a tree the best start in life, it is recommended that you plant it in moist soil that is free from frost. Interestingly, the most traditional period of time to plant a tree is between November and March.


  • Weeds are considered the worst enemy of young trees because they will compete with them for nutrients and water. If they manage to take a lot of this from your trees rooting zone, the weeds can end up impacting it’s growth.


  • Once you have planted a tree, the care doesn’t stop there as they require adequate aftercare too. Remembering that they are also a living organism like us, regular watering of your tree should start when the weather becomes drier and continue until autumn when the leaves begin to fall. In summer, a tree should be watered at least 2 or 3 times a week.

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