As is the same with any industry, the world of tree surgery has its own metaphorical book of words associated with the craft. Here at Ashley tree Services, we’ve put together a word bank of what we think could be the most important words in the language of an arborist!

Adaptive Growth is a significant increase in the wood production within localised areas. This occurs due to a decrease in wood strength.

Bracing is a term which describes the installing of cables, rope and belts to reduce failure of the tree structure during movement.

A Cavity is a void inside the solid structure of a tree. It is usually associated with the decay of woody tissues.

Deadwood is the non-living branches and stems of a tree, usually due to aging or natural influences.

Dormant is said to be when a tree is in an inactive condition. This usually occurs during the cold month of the year.

A Callus on a tree is the undifferentiated tissue. This tissue is initiated as a response to a wounding on the tree which have then become specialised over time.

Decline is when a tree shows signs of a lack of life and vitality. This includes a reduction is leaf size and/or colour.

The Crown of a tree is the foliage section which has been formed by the branches. It is notable for its lack of stem or trunk.

It’s always handy to have a rough idea what the specialists are talking about and we pride ourselves in making sure you are included in your tree care needs. Get in contact with the best Tree Surgeon Manchester has to offer and find out more today!