It is crazy to think that something as simple as a tree has influenced the world so much. In fact, it’s safe to say that trees have been around for a very long time since a nearly preserved tree belonging to the Gilboa forest was discovered, dating back 380 million years ago. Not only does this mean that trees have technically outlived dinosaurs, which have been extinct for around 65 million years, they are one of the first organisms to take over the land. Let’s go over how trees have changed the world in part one of this blog series…

The Gilboa Tree

This tree, which was found almost completely preserved, dates from what is known as the Devonian Period. This is anywhere between 416 and 359 million years ago! In fact, during this time, many trees began to evolve from small primitives to 30 metres tall genuine trees.

The First Forests

The very first forest was essential in changing the earth. Early plants had already started releasing oxygen into our atmosphere which created soils and, thus, provided necessary food and shelter for many of the animals who were alive back then. By the end of the Devonian period, an ecologically modern world has been created. It is discoveries like the Gilboa tree that are allowing us to discover how the first forests came about.

Ordovician Period

Around 465 million years ago, plants first colonised the land we know today. During the Devonian period plants had developed cuticles and pores- however seeds were yet to develop and so reproduction was only possible by spores. During the Ordovician period, plants were only a few centimetres in height.

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