Could trees one day replace streetlights? It’s a crazy notion but it just might be something that could happen in our lifetime.

The Glowing Plant Project is a campaign that is looking to synthesise plants for bioluminescence. Of course, there are naturally occurring plants and animals that give off some sort of glow, but to be able to synthesise our own could lead to a change in the world.

Genetically modified trees could be the way we light up our streets without the need for electricity. They would act as a completely sustainable source of lighting and could revolutionise the world. Of course, we’re quite far from that becoming the norm but it’s definitely interesting to think about.

The Glowing Plant Project are a crowdfunded campaign and the first of its kind. It’s a pretty revolutionary idea and works under the impression that nature has a better way for us, rather than relying on unsustainable fuels and resources that are rapidly running out. Using them also causes damage to our environment so by using biological resources we would be living in a totally green world.

You can order pre-order plants on their website and who knows, we might see people lighting their homes through bioluminescence in the future!

We’re not sure if lining the streets with trees would be the solution to all our problems but working within the tree surgery business, we wouldn’t say no to having more to work with! We wonder if you’ll need a special licence to work with glow in the dark trees? That’s a thought for the future!

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