What does a tree surgeon do? Good question. But the really critical question to answer is this: what does a tree surgeon do for you?

A tree surgeon will help you stay on the right side of the law, on the right side of the council, on the right side of your neighbours and will keep you safe in the knowledge that you’ve carried out your duty of care to visitors on your property.

Yes, a qualified tree surgeon will do all of this:

  • tree surgery – the removal and clearance of overhanging trees with surgical precision
  • the trimming, cutting and maintenance of nuisance hedging
  • the stump grinding of nuisance trunk remains and encroaching tree roots
  • the chipping of mountains of green cuttings
  • planned maintenance of your trees, garden and property
  • emergency tree work
  • site clearance

But it’s doing all of the above safely, legally and without damaging your home or business assets that should really concern you.

Unfortunately there are worse things that can happen in your garden and on your property than an overgrown hedge:

  • Do you live in a conservation area?
  • Do you need council permission?
  • Are there any relevant tree preservation orders (TPOs)?
  • What’s the level of risk to you, your neighbours and passers by for tree surgery on your property?

Unfortunately ignorance of these things won’t protect you if you hire somebody whose only tree surgery qualification is to own a chainsaw. Anybody can buy one of these lethal tools from the local DIY shop. The newspapers, the courts and unfortunately the hospitals all have the same story to tell – if it seems cheap or there’s pressure to do the job then the long term cost could be way more than you bargain for.

Enjoy your garden safely

Before any tool is lifted a qualified tree surgeon will assess your property to make sure that you are fully protected before any work starts.

What a tree surgeon does for you is take care of all the details. This is because tree surgery is a bit like an iceberg – most people only see the very top bit and are completely unaware of the dangers that can be hidden.

No tree surgeon wants to stop you getting on with enjoying your garden. What a reputable tree surgeon does is make sure you only have to focus on 1 thing – the enjoyment or beauty of your new ideas.

Taking care of the unseen bit, the permissions, the liabilities, the health and safety, the risks involved means that on the day you can focus on things you want to focus on and not on the possibility of accidents to you, neighbours or passers by.

You can relax knowing that a qualified tree surgeon isn’t a cowboy butcher and really knows how to treat your trees and garden because the training and qualifications insist on it.

To help you find a tree surgeon you can trust you can use our simple checklist – 4 things to look for in a tree surgeon, before you book.

If you’ve already made up your mind and would like to work with us you can contact us here.