What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is one of the many tree surgery services that we carry out here at Ashely tree Services, but why does it need to be carried out? And what does it involve?

Well, first of all – no branch, twig or leaf should be removed or clipped without a very good reason. This is because every snip and cut, no matter how small, has the potential to change the growth of the tree. The most common reasons for pruning trees are to remove any dead wood, crossing or rubbing branches and to eliminate any hazards or potential hazards through contact with structures.

Secondly, many people think trees should be pruned and trimmed regularly to maintain the tree’s health but this isn’t strictly true. It may seem like trees have become too dense but trees actually produce a thick crown of leaves to manufacture enough sugar that they use as energy in order to grow and develop properly. So, if we remove too much foliage we can hinder the trees ability to harness and store energy stocks.

Thirdly, pruning should always be carried out by a tree pruning specialist or commercial arborist as heavy and un-professional pruning can load the tree with significant strain that can bring about irreversible decline in its condition. Pruning in the correct way CAN maintain a tree’s health whilst also serving the environment in which it stands.

Being a tree surgeon in Manchester, it’s important for us to know when to cut and when to leave a tree alone. Sometimes doing nothing is better than something – it just depends on every individual circumstance.