A tree is a large organism that was on this planet before the dinosaurs were even a thought which is why they are able to withstand the constant weather changes that occur every single year. From spring to summer and autumn to winter, it’s hard to ignore that the weather is extremely tough on nature. In this blog the team here at Ashley Tree Services are going to take a look at a year in the life of a tree…


Whilst this is the first month on our list spring doesn’t usually arrive until late March. This season is known as a renewable period and is often when you can see the trees bud and the flower bloom. Plus the rain that spring is often known for helps the trees to grow and prosper. The leaves at this point are fairly new in their life which means that they are often small in size.


Summer usually tends to be the warmest season out of the four that are available and starts around the end of June. Here we will see the bark of the tree lighten in colour and the leaves will become a very brightly coloured green due to the chlorophyll that is spreading around in order make food.


The end of September welcomes the beginning of autumn and this season is known for the sudden dip in temperature and rather erratic weather. Since the nights begin to get darker earlier during Autumn there is not a lot of sunlight available for the trees to make food so the chlorophyll is no longer in the leaves, which causes them to change from bright green to an array of yellow, red and gold.


Winter is the most harshest season of them all and whilst people think it occurs around christmas it actually only begins at the end of December a couple of days before the 25th. This seasons sees all of the leaves on a tree fall off so they are completely bare. Whilst they don’t look at nice as they do in the earlier months, this allows the trees to prioritise the other important systems during such a harsh season.

The evidence of evolution is clear within a tree as there are very few other organisms that are able to adapt as well. In fact, there are no other similar organisms that can change the way that they operate in order to survive the harsh conditions that mother nature throws at them every season.  If you have a tree that could use the care of the tree experts, speak to the best tree surgeon in Manchester today!