It is said that there are around 3 trillion trees in the world, which is a lot of trees for those who aren’t very good with numbers. In fact, trees do much more than stand around all day providing us oxygen; there are many mind-blowing abilities they hold and here at Ashley Tree Services, we’re going to go over the top 3 weirdest facts about trees…

  1. Trees are very helpful in locating yourself when you are lost in northern climates. This is because moss will tend to grow on the northern side of the trunk where the tree sees more shade. If this isn’t as successful as it sounds, a tree which has been cut down with a stump remaining will also show you where the north is. All you have to do is observe where the rings are thicker.


  1. Having trees near your property can raise its price by around 14% in the UK and 37% in the US. In addition they also help to reduce the amount of energy which is used to heat and cool the building, thus reducing the money spent on both. This is due to the fact that a large tree can transpire around 100 gallons of water per day into the air, which is able to naturally cool to the same effect as 10 air conditioners would do.


  1. Trees are able to defend themselves from insects by flooding their leavings with a chemical called phenolic, which is a compound that insects find distasteful. What is really amazing is that once one tree is attacked, it can send a signal to surrounding trees to warn them to begin the self-defence process themselves before they are also attacked!

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