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How Trees Increase Your Home and Property Value

Trees and property value Don’t forget your trees. Order and care sells and adds value to your house. Disorder and lack of care reduces the value of your property. That’s a universal principal and it applies to trees and property value too. Increasing the value of your home with a de-cluttering, rubbish clearance and coat […]

Tree Surgeon Accidents: A warning to homeowners

‘Tree work has a major injury incidence rate higher than that of the construction industry’ Health and Safety Executive (HSE.Gov.UK) ‘56 year old died when he fell from a ladder’ ‘44 year old died when he fell from a tree’ ‘man working alone fell and died from head injuries’ ‘tree sprang back and killed him’ […]

What is a Tree preservation order (TPO) and how do I make sure I stay on the right side of the law if I want to carry out tree work?

Understanding Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) consent If you are a tree owner, a keen gardener or landowner then chances are you already know the term tree preservation order. This article will help you understand what a tree preservation order or TPO is. It answers some common questions about the do’s and don’ts of tree preservation. […]

What does a tree surgeon do?

What does a tree surgeon do? Good question. But the really critical question to answer is this: what does a tree surgeon do for you? A tree surgeon will help you stay on the right side of the law, on the right side of the council, on the right side of your neighbours and will […]