The time of year when a warm jumper is perfect in the morning but becomes bothersome in the afternoon has arrived which means that autumn is just around the corner. Whilst some people love the cold breeze and Halloween fever, for tree owners it is a busy time. After all, there are several tree related issues that can arise which means that you must always have your guard up. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your trees are correctly cared for this autumn…

Remove the Leaves

Autumn is known for falling leaves and whilst nobody enjoys the task of clearing them away, it is an important part of having a tree in your backyard. This is because wet leaves can weaken the grass around the tree by restricting the amount of light it has access to. In fact, rotting leaves are also a breeding ground for disease and mould which can spread to your tree!

Inspect Regularly

Keeping your tree healthy is important however making sure that it is able to stand is equally as vital. During autumn the weather takes a turn and we experience much stronger winds, heavier rainfall and even thunderstorms. You should have your tree inspected often so that you are able to call in the professionals if you consider it dangerous.

Check for Deadwood

This is the part of a tree which is no longer living and it is vital that it is removed as soon as it is spotted. Whilst it is true that the process of dead wooding can be carried out at any point of the year, autumn is the preferred month because the wood is more visible to see without foliage.

Whether it be rain or shine, a tree is a living organism and in order to keep it healthy it is vital that is afforded a significant amount of care. If you have a troublesome tree that needs dealing with, you’re certainly in the right place because here at Ashley Tree Services, our tree surgeons are the experts when it comes to all things tree related and have exactly the knowledge and qualifications to take on the job! For more information, get in contact with the best Cheshire tree surgeons today!