The tree industry is never a simple one. Not only is the practice of tree surgery incredibly dangerous no matter how skilled and experienced you are, it comes with its fair share of myth busting. After all, no industry is free from the wrath of myths. In this blog the team here at Ashley Tree Services are going to put our expertise to the test and bust a few of the biggest ones around…

Myth: Topping is a good thing for a tree

Topping is perhaps the worst and most harmful method of tree surgery that can be carried out. It involves cutting the branches into stubs that are not long enough to sustain the rest of the branch. Many people have it carried out in order to reduce the size of a tree however it actually puts the health of the tree at risk.

Myth: Tree planting is easy and anyone can do it

Whilst anyone can technically plant a tree to some degree it takes a lot of time, experience and technique in order to master the process. After all, there are certain guidelines to know in order to ensure that the tree has the best chance of survival and anybody giving it a go is unlikely to know them.

Myth: The tallest tree is the best one to buy

When searching for a tree to plant many people presume that the healthiest one is the tallest or the bushiest however it may actually be significantly weaker. In fact it tends to be the small specimens that have greater strength. Whilst aesthetics have an importance, you should look at the trunk, branches and roots to asses the long term success of a trees lifespan.

Now you know a few of the facts, we hope we have convinced you off our expertise in the industry. After all, in such a competitive market it is important to ensure that customers approve of your skills and ability to carry out the required work. As the best tree surgeons in Cheshire, we can guarantee that your tree will be afforded the best care possible. For more information, speak to a member of the team today!