Being a tree surgeon, people assume that you go out just looking for trees to chop down, throwing an axe and chainsaw around willy-nilly. However, tree surgeons really do have a respect for the environment. In fact, we love trees! They are beautiful structures and add so much to the world. If you have trees on your property they can even add value to your home!

However, sometimes, and it’s no one’s fault, they do become liabilities.

When we talk about liabilities we mean a variety of things. For example, trees may become unstable which pose a danger to people and surrounding buildings. This could be caused by bad weather, vandalism or an accident. Other liabilities could include a fallen tree that is blocking a road, a rogue tree that is blocking out necessary light or a tree that is overgrown.

It is common for people to assume that they can take care of a tree liability themselves however this can be dangerous and is not advised. Of course, if it’s a few branches or twigs that need moving that’s acceptable, however, never take on a job that is too big for you.

The Royal Horticultural Society outline that if a branch that is thicker than the circumference of your wrist needs to be removed, or if the branches are up high – high enough for you to use a ladder – then you should seek the assistance of a professional arborist.

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