Let’s face it, our whole existence relies on the existence of trees and other plant organisms being able to complete the process known as photosynthesis. Without this process converting the carbon dioxide we breath out into oxygen, it is very likely that our atmosphere would be too toxic for us to breathe. After all, trees were on this earth millions of years before we even existed. Here are some of the community benefits of trees…

  • Homes which have been professionally landscaped using trees are said to be 5-15% higher in value than non-landscaped homes. Plus, homes with trees are more likely to sell quicker due to the extra privacy they can offer.


  • In neighbourhoods trees are known to increase the humidity in the air, increase the ground water recharge, reduce the erosion of soil and increase the water runoff from storms. As a result the amount of water that we consume is lowered.


  • As we already know, trees take in carbon dioxide for a process known as photosynthesis however by doing this they are inadvertently lowering the levels of the gas in our atmosphere. By reducing this gas, dust and the potentially harmful gases, the air quality is significantly improved.

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