As simple as it sounds, a tree surgeon cannot remove a tree and the stump simultaneously which is why we tend to ask homeowners to decide if they would like the stump to be removed following the cutting down of the tree. Despite this, other situations are not as straightforward as this. Perhaps your new home has an unsightly tree stump in the centre of the lawn or you’re unsure about what harm a stump could pose if you decide to leave it? Fret not; here at Ashley Tree Services we’ve dedicated a blog to the topic of tree stumps so that you can recognise the dangers of leaving one to rot away…

  • A stump which is not treated will attract insects to your garden. This is because a tree stump takes a very long time to rot completely and certain insects are dawn to decaying wood. Beetles, ants and fellow wood-boring critters take refuge inside the stump and whilst they may not be a bother outside, they may eventually find their way inside your home.


  • Depending on the size of the original tree, the stump that you are left with in the garden can be quite large and may take up valuable garden space. Not only does this pose a danger to children and animals who run around in a garden, it means that you are sacrificing the ability to have more room. Removing a rotting tree stump will not only be safer, but will also give you more space!

If you’ve decided to have your tree stump removed, get in contact with the best tree surgeon in Manchester today and find out more information!