Let’s face it, without trees, the human race would suffer deeply. They provide us with oxygen through a process known as photosynthesis and remove toxic components from our air. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop us cutting them down by the millions, with around 15 billion being turning into other resources every single year. Here at Ashley Tree Services, we don’t discourage the cutting down of trees. After all, the situation dictates what methods must be undertaken. In this blog, we’re going to place our focus yet again on a few different types of trees out there and tell you some of their uses…

Neem Tree

If you’re looking for a bright tree with a stature of 100ft tall, the Neem tree is your choice. It has a very straight trunk that is rough in both appearance and texture. Interestingly, every single component of the Neem Tree can be used for various medical treatments, including chicken pox.

Peepal Tree

This tree can be characterised by its heart shaped leaves. The Peepal tree often sheds these leaves during the months of March and April and can be used for many different things, including medicines. It is often used to prevent gum disease and treat asthma. Plus, many also use the leaves as a form of décor.

Tulsi Plant

In India, this plant is considered holy and very religious. It doesn’t grow very tall and only reaches heights between 75 and 90cm. It can be spotted by its oval shaped leaves that are filled with essential oils.


With leaves that stretch between 6-12 inches long, this evergreen is a spectacle to see. It stands at around 300 feet high or more and with age, its bark will become very prominent and noticeable. In a capsule on the tree, it is not uncommon to find fruit.

Here at Ashley Tree Services, we make our living from trees. Whether you require us to remove one from your garden or you want us to tame the foliage and make one look more attractive, the team is always at your service. We put together this blog on the different types of trees in order to educate our readers and provide them with some tree facts and figures. For more information about the world of trees, get in contact with the best tree surgeon in Manchester today and speak to a member of our professionals team!