Having trees on your property is often viewed as a nuisance however they actually hold a range of different benefits. From helping you keep your privacy to providing some much needed shade during our one week heatwave in the UK, there are many advantages to having trees and we should learn to respect trees more than we do. Despite this, it isn’t uncommon for the average tree owner to be unaware of the signs that their tree could use some professional help. Luckily, the experts at Ashley Tree Services have put together this blog to save you the trouble of researching…

Dead Wood: A tree with dead wood is a tree that is not healthy and if your tree has dry, lifeless and easily breakable wood, you should be concerned. It is important to remove dead branches from a tree you are hoping to save quickly before the tree becomes too damaged.

Cracks/Cankers: In a tree a crack shows as a deep split within the bark and is an early indication that the tree is not well. On the other hand a canker is a whole where a portion of the bark is missing. Both of these signal an unwell tree that needs professional treatment.

Decay: A tree is an odd organism because they tend to decay from the inside out which means that we often notice it when it has advanced very far. Despite this, we can still look for other indicators of decay like fungi or soft crumbling wood.

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