We’ve all heard of or seen television programmes highlighting the dangers of rogue traders or ”cowboys” touting for business in residential areas, but sometimes we think it will never happen to us because we will always be able to spot someone who isn’t qualified or someone who is pushing us into having work done. The thing is, more and more of these cowboys are getting smarter, they’re using technology and internet services such as the ability to be able to buy positive reviews and thing like that. It is becoming increasingly harder to spot a rogue trader and so we’ve got some advice for you to hopefully keep you on your toes and able to spot when something isn’t quite right.

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that no tree surgeon will simply turn up at your house telling you that you need work doing to your trees or the trees around your house. Often it is the council’s responsibility to sort the trees in the public paths and walkways out, not the people who live in the surrounding areas so please don’t be bullied into paying for some work that has nothing to do with you. Often rogue tree surgeons will carry very little or no paperwork, and if they do allow you to see what little they are carrying it will be vague and the information will be brief. There won’t usually be a company logo, but even if there is, that doesn’t mean that they are reputable. Anyone can mock up a logo on a computer and make it look professional.

There often won’t be a proper trading address. Often the address will either be fake or someone’s house, posing as a business address. These rogue traders can sometimes look the part; they can really talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk they fall very short of the mark. They will often use common terminology but not really expand on it, for example they will talk about ‘pruning’ but not really be able to tell you any more than that. As you already know, rogue traders often do a very poor job and end up doing more damage than good so it’s crucial that you dot let them carry out the works. If they start the works without your knowledge, then don’t answer the door to them, or if you do, just say no thank you and close the door. Only reputable tree surgeons will carry out works when they’ve been booked, we don’t just turn up with our equipment and start chopping away at random branches.

You can read our simple 4 step checklist about things to look for in a tree surgeon, to always be most certain you’re dealing with a professional tree service.

We’re one of, if not the best¬†tree surgeons in Manchester. We are fully qualified to NPTC standards and we have overall twenty-seven years of experience under our belts. We don’t cut corners, we are damage free, and we don’t just turn up and expect residents to pay us. Our reputation carries us and we don’t need to conduct ourselves in a rogue way. We are Ashley Tree Surgeons, and we love what we do.