At Ashley Tree Services, we understand how much work you put into keeping your garden in tip-top shape for your guests. The average gardener makes about £30-£50 per hour! But we’re not gardeners we’re tree surgeons- dedicated to cutting, sawing and chopping your overgrown plants away. After we have trimmed your tree and bushes and you can see more of your garden, how have you planned to decorate it? Haven’t you planned yet? No need to worry, we have a few tips on how to add a little pizzazz to your garden.

Height: In your garden, you should add height and define outer edges with berms. A berm is a higher-level barrier that is raised to separate two areas. You can add additional plants or flower on top of this border to raise your plates up so that they can be seen.

Divide space: Break large areas into smaller compartments and sections using hardscape or garden structures such as arbores and path dividers. These compartments can help you to separate different plants from each other. They can also help to add more surface around if you make a roof that vines can grow over.

Be consistent: Decorative areas with plants of the same style, colour or shape. This will keep your garden neat and tidy for your visitor’s eyes. Dividing your garden into different colours adds structure and the ability to make people feel like they are walking through different areas but are in the same area. Placing your plants multi-coloured around our garden add enjoyment and fun to the area, adds a range of colour and can make a home feel more homely.

If you’re thinking about cleaning up your garden, getting the trees trimmed and the bushes back to garden size, Then get in contact with us today. We’re ones of the UK’s best tree surgeons and we generally work in Manchester and Cheshire areas!