As we reach the final part in this series about the impact of trees on the world, the team here at Ashley tree Services want to invite you to take a look at what we have discussed throughout and hopefully learnt! From the different types of eras and forests that existed before the dinosaurs were even a thought to the creation of large leaves in order to rid our air of carbon dioxide, trees have done a marvellous job at making the planet habitable for the human race. In part 6 we are going to round the series off by going over tectonics, coal and rainforests…

Organic Carbon and Coal

The Carboniferous lowlands are known for their abundance in tree and plant fossils. Around 300 million years ago however, a large earthquake caused a coal forest to fall below sea level and left it buried. These conditions had a low supply of oxygen which meant that it was easily preserved and now forms the roof of a coal mine in Illinois!

Ancient Rainforests

This very ancient rainforest was the focus on the largest ever scientific study. In fact, the coal that was being mined was once the soil that allowed the plants to thrive and due to this, roots are seen hanging down as workers make their way around the mines.

Swamps and Tectonics

Unfortunately the swamp world our planet once survived as was not built to last and tectonic forces created the land we walk on today over thousands and thousands of years in order to form the supercontinent Pangaea. Of course, even this eventually drifted apart. Due to harsh and dry conditions the coal swamps disappeared, allowing for seed plants to gain the upper hand and lead to the reign of modern plants as we know them today!

The world of trees has been an exciting one and here at Ashley Tree Services, we hope our readers have learnt a thing or two about how the trees that dominate the earth helped pave the way for the human race to survive this long. Perhaps we can return the favour by offering them a helping hand when they are in need of human intervention! For more information, contact the best tree surgeons in Manchester have to offer today!