A world without trees would be a very difficult world however not many people know how much the human race relies on the existence of these large organisms. From filtering the carbon dioxide from our air to providing a range of different materials, we would be lost without them. Let’s face it, without trees we wouldn’t have paper, chewing gum or any aesthetic furniture to fill our homes with. Since they are a large part of our business here at Ashley Tree Services, we’ve decided to dedicate a blog to how they help protect us simply by existing in the first place…

Air: Our air has the potential to be very toxic however it is thanks to trees and their ability to filter the carbon dioxide out of out of it that we are able to breathe it and live long happy lives. If we completely eradicate trees or reduced the population of them drastically, our air would become filthy and unsuitable.

Soil: After the air, it is our soil that becomes a problem without trees since about 2.5 billion people rely on agriculture in order to survive. If deforestation became widespread, our soils would become full of chemicals and pollutants that the trees remove for us. Plus, soil erosion which is usually prevented by trees would also become a major problem.

Drought: Due to the filthy air and dangerous substances not being removed from it, we would find that it would rarely rain without trees, leading to a chronic worldwide drought. Ask anyone in California USA how bad a drought is and you will understand how vital trees are. During dry seasons trees actually release water into the soil and air through transpiration however without them, the crop production will be practically none existent.

As the current generation it is our job to ensure that we are protecting our earth and preserving it as best as we can and this includes making sure that we are not destroying our tree and forest populations whilst we live our lives. For more information about your trees, get in contact with the experts here at Ashley Tree Services. As the best tree surgeons in Manchester, we are the people to call if you’ve got a problematic tree or simply need to ask a few questions!