Whilst it is true that there are trees that have been around for thousands of years, it doesn’t mean that these large organisms are any match for Mother Nature. With global warming affecting everything from the polar ice caps to the weather and Mr Trump refusing to acknowledge its existence, it is no wonder that the Atlantic has recently suffered not one but three horrendous hurricanes over the past week! The wrath of these storms are deadly and have the power to destroy everything in their path, including trees! In this blog, the team here at Ashley Tree Services  are going to go over some of the damage that storms can inflict upon trees…

The most obvious kind of damage to trees during a storm is broken limbs and completely falling over. After all, trees are just no match for the high winds and saturated soil that occurs during a particularly brutal storm. When both of these conditions are collated together, all it takes is one weak root or a strong gust of wind to send the tree toppling over. In fact, winter snow storms can be just as dangerous as the weight of snow and ice can cause trees to crack. Whilst it is impossible to control the weather, we can afford trees care and respect in order to try and ensure they survive a storm unscathed.

In regards to storm treatments, pruning can help remove dead or hanging limbs that may be the cause of a trees overall failure during a storm or hurricane. In fact, it is vital that you have a tree pruned when you notice any branches that may pose a threat in everyday life.

In addition to this, lighting is also a common occurrence during a storm so measures should be taken to try and prevent your tree being hit by a bolt. Luckily, some arborists carry out lighting protections which involve copper conducts that disperse the electrical charge.

Being able to recognise when a tree is unstable is a very good quality to have. After all, they are large and have the ability to cause serious damage or injury if they were to fall in a highly populated area. In fact, some trees are even known to fall onto power lines! As the best tree surgeon in Cheshire, the team at Ashley Tree Services have experience dealing with troublesome trees after a storm, plus we also carry out pruning! For more information, speak to a member of the team today!