Here at Ashley Tree Services, we are the tree surgery experts and a go-to for many, when it comes to all things tree related. From stump removal to tree surgery, if you’ve got a problematic tree to deal with we are the experts you’ve been looking for.

In this blog, we’re going to educate our readers on a certain aspect of the services we offer known as tree surgery and although it may look like it, this is not a term that describes an operation for a tree. In reality tree surgery is an umbrella term and there are several subcategories that make up the industry. Here are a handful…

Crown Reduction – reducing the size of a trees canopy by pruning the branches through the crown, which is the top foliage of a tree. It involves removing deadwood in order to reduce the risk of diseases.

Crown Thinning – taking away inner branches in even sections within the crown of a tree in order allow more light to pass through and the air to circulate more efficiently.

Crown Lifting – removing branches from the lower part of a tree crown in order to create height. Sometimes this is carried out in order to allow people and cars to pass underneath safely.

Pollarding – removing all the branches and most of the limbs of a tree so that the result is a trunk with a limb framework. It is often carried out when a tree is young.

Limb Removal – it is sometimes required to remove branches within in a crown without reducing, thinning or lifting it. Care is always taken to ensure that the tree remains in good health.

Dead Wooding – naturally some tree branches will die during the overall growth of a tree so this process removes these branches so that they do not pose a risk to the safety of people and the remaining trees health.

Felling – cutting down a tree completely is known as felling and sometimes it has to be carried out for a whole range of different reasons. From decay to the safety of surrounding neighbourhoods, felling is always carried out by professionals using safe methods.

Fallen Trees – trees fall down themselves due to age, health and even weather. Some tree surgeons will remove fallen trees as part of their tree surgery services.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the different aspects of tree surgery, about what do tree surgeons do beyond the physical tasks and would like to enquire whether your tree could use our services, get in contact with the best tree surgeon in Manchester today and speak to a member of the team! We’d be happy to provide a helping hand!